Privacy Policy Statement

LUXE – Unforgettable Events and it's Director ​acknowledges the diverse and rich nature of our population and aims to meet the privacy and confidentiality ​​(within our service requirements)​ of all clients​ and their guests ​in accordance with the ethical, legal and legislative imperatives that we are committed to under the “Laws and Acts” of Australia and that of the States and Territories also.

All clients “Confidential Information” refers to the sensitive information via documentation including but not limited to personal information required to plan and deliver a legal and client appropriate​ wedding or event experience under specifics of the client service agreement.

Security measures across all “property” or any other personal information that, if disclosed, could directly affect the client will be preserved through online VPN software, dedicated and individual file password protections plus security provisions for hard copy documents.

The client has engaged the ​services of LUXE – Unforgettable Events ​ to oversee the project tracking, project planning, project management, project delivery, safety & risk assessment issues, plus legal and regulatory issues pertaining to the delivery of ​their experience ​under agreement​ and as such the "service" ​ will be exposed to the “Confidential Information” during the performance of duties under our Agreement and the ​"​Service​"​ must​/will​ prevent the unauthorised disclosure of the ​​confidential ​information to any third party through appropriate document storage, handling and disposal.

​Replication of any images and or text may also be privileged​ and as such all images and or text to be replicated in any form must have written consent from the Director and Team Leader at LUXE – Unforgettable Events.

Please do not copy, distribute or disseminate part or whole of this​ website​ and or any "works" of LUXE – Unforgettable Events on any platform if you have not been authorised to do so.


Kerrie Wood

Director & Team Leader