Key Questions to ask the Event or Wedding Planning Service – before you book that service!

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With Federal and NSW Government “roll backs”on most all previously known COVID Public Health Orders and restrictions we now enter the re-normalisation phase for major and social events plus weddings which are all back in the rescheduling, planning and delivery pipeline.

NSW Gov covid update Key Questions for event and wedding planning services NSW Gov covid update 2 Key Questions for event and wedding planning services
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With inquiries stronger than they have been for some time (in a somewhat congested market place) now is the time to secure your event or wedding planning service and get the planning under way – the right way to ensure your required date is secured across all of the services, suppliers, vendors and venues required in the build and delivery of the big day.

Big days do not just happen –  it is a team delivery process on the day so it should not be an “ad hoc” approach through the planning phases and delivery staging in any way.

As a full service event/wedding planning, styling, on the day coordination, celebrant and event specialist provider, “before and after the rings,” we are often surprised that key business operational questions are not asked by potential clients at our initial and complimentary consult which would inform of the service providers knowledge of the industry’s current pipeline and capacity streams, cost structures in general, service agreements T&Cs and what the “authority to act” actually means, third party contracts and how they work in reality within the primary service provider’s service agreement, and importantly about the service provider’s professional commitment to the legal and ethical trade practises and legislative regulations of the industry plus their own best practice principles.

It is always a good idea to consider how a service provider operates as well as what they can deliver when undertaking an engagement with a service provider that will impact significantly on the planning and on the day delivery for any significant event.

With this in mind we have prepared key questions that are designed to reveal as much about a service providers business ethics and principles as well as their creative and logistic expertise …..which should provide you with a realistic frame work to assist in the evaluation of “is this service provider a good fit for me?”.

Q & A to get the partnership suitability evaluated:

Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we are insured. Please ask us to provide you with our portfolio profile across certified insurances and yes we do guarantee total client satisfaction by the terms and conditions that are in our service agreement……always read the terms and conditions of any contract or service agreement and if unsure ask for qualification before signing.

Most service agreements are detailed and will have the specifications of the actual requirements in service provision articled in the agreement manifest by hours, days allocated, locations stipulated for service delivery and any variation options…or should have.

What do you like most about your job?

Designing, planning and then delivering our clients vision on their day in a stress free and seamless way across all of the suppliers, vendors and venues that are party to the roll out of the day – it is usually a production for sure with many layers that inform the final reveal on the day.

There is nothing as personally rewarding or professionally satisfying than the joy and excitement of when our clients see their vision come to life on their big day.

What makes you and or your team the most reliable and trustworthy for the our big day event partner?

Over twenty plus years experience in delivering major events for our corporate colleagues plus wedding days and life celebrations for our valued private clients across planning and delivery including: concepts and design, site inspections, floor and seating plans, wet weather plans, supplier, vendor and venue coordination with master timeline and run sheets for all party to the delivery of the day  ……we leave nothing to chance, no matter the detail, or where the preferred locations may be – please see client reviews at google reviews or check out some of our client “Testimonials” on our home page.

Why should a client hire you and your service over another service provider?

As a full planning, styling and coordination service provider including being a Commonwealth of Australia “Authorised Celebrant Service” we assist our clients with critical research,  Cth. legal marriage regulations requirements and process activations, creative and design elements within the financial management of the budget, identify and address logistics and risks, evaluate and activate contract negotiation with key suppliers, vendors and venues (if required) and trouble shoot along the way, so our initial role is to assist our clients to get on the right track, identify goals and vision, then prioritise the must have v nice to have faster and more efficiently than you may be able to through your own endeavours across the labyrinth that is any event planning and delivery process.

We provide bespoke advice which can save you valuable time and often avoid costly mistakes as well as remove the inevitable stress that goes with the planning and delivery process no matter the life celebration, social event or wedding day.

Our programmed project management is a process which keeps each client’s work in progress in control across all of the planning and delivery stages ensuring that one clients’ programme and progress does not impact or impede in any way the surety of another which is why we will only ever book one event or wedding per day or one per week ………if it is a very large event or wedding with multiple bumpin days and sites to be managed with volume guest engagement elements then this confirmed booking (by service agreement and securing deposit) is activated with the surety that this day is not impacted in any way and no other event is ever booked in for the roll-out and delivery day/s.

The team leader will always be the lead planner and coordinator on the project production and planning stages plus the delivery day too.

What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a cost estimate quote to a potential client?

Critical things required to provide an accurate quote include:

  • budget
  • look and vision
  • event or wedding date
  • guest numbers to be hosted
  • if guest concierge services will be required
  • how many sites may be involved on the day across prep, ceremony, photography and reception spaces
  • suppliers, vendor and venue activations you will require us to source for the event
  • the location/s and
  • if travel may be required

How can a client save money before you start the work? Please give 4 tips

*Have a clear vision and budget in mind that is realistic and accept that it will have to include your event /wedding planning service or on the day coordination costs

*Recognise all costs for external suppliers, vendors and venues are an additional cost to that of the service or ‘package of your choice’ with any planning or event service

*Understand that the service provider is a business and as such will need to charge back hours for all services provided including travel time and toll costs

*The operational hours for all client engagement will be stipulated in the service agreement and it is unrealistic to expect that the service provider is available 24/7 without the incursion of additional costs

What makes your pricing competitive?

We can tailor a service or package to suit your specific requirements e.g.

  • celebrant services as part of a full planning and coordination service or as a standalone service
  • a full or partial event or wedding planning services with or without styling
  • full or half day coordination options built to the specific specifications of the day
  • ceremony only planning, styling and coordination package options with or without celebrant services
  • hourly rate options

We only recommend and negotiate with and across essential suppliers, vendors and venues that you actually need to deliver your day.

While we will price match if required however it can only be for services and cost structures that have the same unit creative and logistic frameworks within standard industry cost imperatives.

How do you normally charge for your services?

Our LUXE – Event/Wed Plan Packages are designed to ensure that we are able to develop and deliver every element of your unforgettable day in an affordable way ensuring the level of “service” that you actually require and within the package of choice.

Additional hours can be negotiated by hourly rate or variations can be made along the way to the service agreement of choice.

Is there a particular aspect of your trade or industry that you specialise in?

We are a highly experienced and specialised ‘bespoke’ event and wedding planning, ‘on the day’ coordination, styling and event management ‘service’ based in Sydney.

Our services cater to you and “your day – your way” – wherever your preferred location may be.

From intimate weddings to gala events for 1000 plus guests our team leader has the necessary experience across the production development and planning processes with project management of the pipelines and delivery streams to deliver a superior client experience.

Critically our team invests time and strategy to achieve the clients vision then tactically builds the event or wedding day layer upon layer to suit the clients details in a very unique way.

There is never a “one size fits all” approach with us at LUXE – Unforgettable Events.

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

With under and post graduate academic qualifications in business, marketing and event management as a well as over 20 plus years experience across and in real business to business streams and business to client engagement we operate and deliver with and in real world dynamics.

We assure our clients a professional and personable experience within a stress free and seamless delivery on the day in vision and importantly also in a budget friendly way.

Unique selling/purchasing points

  • As acknowledgement of the horrors of yo-yoing postponements, rescheduling challenges, pipeline issues plus venue capacity constraints of the past 2 years we are currently offering a 20% discount opportunity on all LUXE – WedPlan/EventPlan Packages and our “al a la carte services”.
  • Terms and conditions apply and the discount opportunity finalises on June 30, 2022 which must be activated within one year of the service agreement date.
  • We confirm appointments to our clients office, venue or home with consults by teleconference or face to face appointments and always at the convenience of our valued clients – after hours appointments available by mutual agreement.
  • LUXE – Unforgettable Events is not a prop, or furniture hire company and as such there is never a generic build of any life celebration, event or wedding day as we source every element for your day from premium suppliers, vendors and venues only within your confirmed budget and vision providing total creative and budget control.
  • Our clients inspire us to be creative, courageous and resourceful. The happiness and satisfaction of our clients is our success and this outcome remains our commitment too.

Cheers to you all for the re-normalisation of all forthcoming social and wedding events and let’s get the planning journey started.


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