What is the real difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist?

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As an experienced event producer (full project management) across wedding planning, styling, aesthetics and design creative imperatives, logistics, risk analysis, insurance, financials, venue and vendor sourcing and identification to contract, plus payment schedules (among others elements), I can tell you that there is a real difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist.

The key differences are most often misunderstood until it’s too late, as one is not the other… unless they have multiple skill sets and experience across multi discipline requirements. The reality is always in the detail of what you actually require to deliver your dream wedding day.

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While both professionals may play important roles in the planning and the execution of a wedding, their areas of focus and expertise are different unless you meet the “rare hybrid” that is qualified and experienced across planning and styling which will have other professional streams within their realm of expertise ie: authorised celebrant services, and full project management capacities which would then make this a “integrated hybrid wedding service”.

In this blog I will qualify the key differentiators between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist. I have kept it brief and to the point.

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A wedding planner is responsible for managing all aspects of the wedding planning process, from creating/confirming client budget, suggesting and scoping out venues, selecting vendors, coordinating logistics, designing floor and seating plans plus, timelines and payment schedules ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the big day and the 100 thousand other things that may well go into the wedding planning and delivery journey.

There are so many variables in the labyrinth that is the wedding planning journey and this is the key aspect to the planning v styling… Exactly what is in the mix from a planning and styling perspective.

The wedding planner is often the *point person for the couple and is responsible for making sure that their vision for the wedding is brought to life across all elements.

On the other hand, a wedding stylist is focused primarily on the aesthetic elements of the wedding, such as the décor and or floral arrangements with lighting and the overall design of the event being adjunct to the experience of the stylist and is mostly factored in by the wedding planner with specific specialist suppliers.

The stylist may work closely with the couple and the planner to assist in the determination of the “look and style” preferences and then create a cohesive look and feel for the wedding that reflects those preferences.

For couples who want a fully coordinated and stress-free planning experience, a wedding planner may be the best choice or if couples are primarily focused on the visual elements of the wedding and want a cohesive and stylish look, a wedding stylist may be the way to go, it’s always a personal choice and the final choice will be informed by the clients academic, professional and social time constraints, support mechanisms, plus the wedding budget.

The reality is while some wedding planners may offer styling services as part of their overall package, wedding stylists typically specialise in the “design and aesthetics” of the event… not usually offering the same level of planning, creative development and logistic services as that of a wedding planner.

However, at LUXE – Unforgettable Events we are the wedding service that literally can do it all – see link to Modern Wedding Magazine editorial

Luxe in Modern Wedding Magazine editorial

Ultimately, the decision of whether to hire a wedding planner, a wedding stylist, or a “hybrid” all depends on the couple’s individual needs and priorities plus the clearly, the budget.

Which ever way you choose to go, your wedding service of choice should be a collaborative one with all of the industry partners who will make up the before and on the day delivery team ensuring an unforgettable experience for the right reasons, before and after the rings.

Hopefully this blog post has cleared up the confusing “planner v stylist” issue for you all, or at least opened a necessary conversation before moving forward.

This author encourages all on their wedding planning journey to do “due diligence” and only ever sign service agreements for any service, supplier, vendor or venue after informed consideration including t&c’s in the fine print – “Caveat Emptor”… and always consider the real world cost imperative implications.

Any questions just contact me via our “Contact Us” page and I will be only too happy to answer your wedding planning questions.

Remember, it is your day and it should be your way, without stress.

Happy wedding planning and styling – the right way.

Cheers, xo
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