Wedding and Social Events – COVID Restrictions Eased at April 6, 2021

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Without doubt 2020 and continuing into 2021 has been the most challenging of years ever experienced by the world wide wedding and event industries with the wedding and event industry businesses plus our valued clients impacted so significantly in so many ways – something we have never seen before.

With postponed and rescheduled weddings and social events having to be re factored around the continuing and fluctuating Public Health Orders (of the day) and with no uniformity across the Australian States and Territories this COVID–19 Pandemic been an extraordinary experience for us all.

While the NSW COVID–19 Public Health Order restrictions on weddings and social events at home and in established venues have recently eased there are still event and wedding day compliances that remain in place including the 1 person per 2 square metre rule and the mandatory QR Tracing through the Service NSW app.

This tracing program is important for us all to observe and support to ensure the continued health and safety of all party to wedding and or social event day activation.

Current NSW Health – Public Health Order Updates
*Permitted Activations @ March 29 & April 6 – 2021

Activations that were permitted from 12:01am Friday, March 29, 2021 for the Greater Sydney and NSW regions including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains include:

  • Visitors to households for ‘at home’ weddings and social events have been increased to 100 plus guests – including children and is subject to the 1 person per 2sqm rule for full capacity.
  • For all social events and wedding gatherings at home for over 100 guests a registered ‘COVID – Safe Action Plan’ is required.
  • Outdoor gatherings for weddings and social events have been increased to 200 people in total.
  • Weddings, Social Events and Funerals are no longer capped at 300 but the total capacity is subject to the 1 person per 2sqm rule.
  • Dancing and singing at weddings and events for all is now permitted – the capacity on a dance floor at any given time is no longer capped however the social distancing rule still applies.
  • Standing while consuming beverages and canapés is currently permitted at both in and outdoors venues.
  • Self Service by guest or patron is still not permitted. All beverage, canapé and food service to guests or patrons is by Venue or Catering personnel from activation stations, tray service, to plate and or table – no self serve buffets or grazing tables are permitted under current PHO’s.
  • All other venues including hospitality venues, places of worship and corporate event venues are no longer capped with the total capacity based on the 1 person per 2sqm rule.
  • Smaller hospitality venues will be allowed at least 25 people then is subject to the 1 person per 2sqm rule for total capacity.
  • Masks will be recommended for transport only but are no longer compulsory at wedding and hospitality venues.
  • QR code contact tracing  @ Service NSW remains mandatory for all event and wedding activations.
  • Social Distancing Ambassadors remain mandatory to ensure COVID – Safe operational activations at all wedding and event venues.
  • From 12.01 am on Tuesday April 6, 2021 all recent restrictions recently imposed upon Bryon Bay, Lismore, and the Tweed areas have been lifted  however individuals who have been advised directly by NSW Health to continue to quarantine must observe the Public Health Orders as advised.
  • Full details of all recent restriction rollbacks are available at NSW Health  @ Service NSW as uploaded by Monday March 29, and April 6, 2021 respectively.

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With so many disruptions and disappointments already experienced by too many couples it is advisable to partner with a wedding planning service for consultative advice (at the very least) on the potential impacts to your wedding or social event day to avoid costly mistakes in the key planning and delivery support phase activations of:

  • Floor and Seating Plans
  • At ‘Home’ and Established Venue Ceremony and Reception splits
  • Transport Capacity and Logistics
  • Creative – The Wedding Day Look and Decors (working with the existing frameworks)
  • Access and Crowd Flow to Ceremony and between Reception spaces plus service areas
  • Capacity for Guests
  • Suppliers, Vendor and Venue personnel management to mitigate financial exposure
  • Reserved Spaces for the Bridal Party and Wedding Party Prep
  • Entertainment Experiences with arrival Ceremony transitions to Reception plus Dancing within PHO permissions
  • Additional Space for Wet Weather Alternative Plans
  • Social Distancing Ambassadors
  • Security
  • Cost within Risk Management
  • After Party or Post Wedding Day ‘continuing’ Celebrations

While the social distancing easements across Australian States and Territories remains the very best news this industry and clients have had in over 14 long months we strongly advise all clients to always ‘do your homework’ on the continuing and often yo – yoing Public Health Orders “of the day” to avoid disruptions to the delivery of the day regardless of whether it is an ‘at home soirée’ or in an established event or hospitality venue.

Dancing now permitted at weddings in NSW

Risk management is always important and very particularly right now, this critical aspect remains crucial moving forward  – risk management is an important cost, creative and logistic managed process.

If you choose to partner with a wedding planner or event specialist service (for at the very least a consultative advice service), this service will keep you and your partner up to date on what’s permissible and what is not on any given day (it remains a moveable feast)… as we have seen time and time again during this past 14 plus months of the world wide COVID-19 virus impact complacency and panic is not proactive and certainly cannot be allowed to be part of any wedding or social event day planning or delivery. Continuing proactive management is the key to successfully navigating any issues that may arise due to the continuing and often unforeseen impacts of the ever-changing Public Health Orders.

While the wedding and allied industries have pivoted and realigned business activations to accommodate the real world implications and requirements of the Public Health Orders we remain committed to best practice at all times for our valued clients.

Current COVID restrictions in NSW, dancing now permitted, wedding planner

Lets all get on with the planning and delivery of fabulous and unforgettable days (for all the right reasons), the right way… your day – your way – without fuss – with us!

Lets dance…. Cheers.

Kerrie @luxeunforgettableevents

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