Are week-day Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions worth considering and why?

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Week-day Weddings are becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons to consider hosting a week-day wedding including:

  • the significant cost saving factor,
  • the easier access to very popular and heavily booked venues and suppliers.

The other consideration is towards your guests, some of whom will be working and some of whom will be from out of town. Because of this, consider hosting your wedding after 3pm to make it more convenient for your guests to get a leave from work. Do not forget to factor in peak-hour traffic into your planning as well as taking into account any major annual holidays such as ‘Australia Day’ which may cause disruption to yours and your guests travel plans.

If you are not partnering with a Wedding Planner from the start of the planning process it is a practical idea to have a on-the-day Wedding Coordinator to take the stress out of your Unforgettable day. The on-the-day Wedding Coordinator usually commences work with you about three weeks before your big day and manages the day from start to finish including cultural imperatives, vendor and supplier cohesiveness, time-lines and run sheets as well as guest liaison. They will also advise as to the best approach for your photography and videography.

A Thought – Summer or not it is wise to have the offical wedding photography completed before the ceremony and reception. Informal photos can then be captured at the reception.

Just remember it is your Unforgettable day and it should be your way – without fuss. Your family and guests are there to support and celebrate with you and your partner no matter the timing or day xo

Kerrie Wood

Managing Director

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