What does Wedding Insurance Cover, What is the Cost and Do You Need It?

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Big days just don’t happen – they take careful planning across the wedding industry landscape. As you begin to plan your wedding day you should consider an important resource that can make the process and the day more secure from any potential financial misadventure – Wedding Insurance.

As responsible life partners you insure yourselves, the family home, cars, personal belongings, jewellery, health, travel and even your fur friends so why not consider insurance cover for your wedding day?

It is after all one of the biggest days of your life – a financial and emotional investment in your future together.

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In the unlikely event that something unforeseen was to impact your beautiful day few couples could reasonably access the resources or have the inclination for a repeat of the wedding day spend across all elements without insurance.

Last minute cancellations rarely happen but when they do they are often costly and stressful.

Even the most well planned weddings can experience disappointments, cancellations and disasters. Being prepared is all part of the wedding planning process.

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Regardless of how large or small your wedding and no matter the location you don’t want to be stressing about everything going plan – or not. Wedding Insurance is a necessary addition to the wedding budget and should be considered. It can go some way to providing piece of mind – particularly if you’ve planned a remote location wedding with full external dry hire.

You want to be able to enjoy and embrace what the day is really about which is you and your partner, your love story and the celebration on the day with family and friends.

With wedding day costs of the venue hire for the ceremony and reception being considerable, plus the costs of photography and photography sites, catering, flowers, transport, decor and decorations, on the day outfits, rings, musicians and many other elements too it is easy to see the financial complexity across logistics and the many suppliers, services, vendors and venues involved pre and on the day.

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There are varying wedding insurance policy options available to consider and they have an approximate cost range from $200-$2000 per policy depending on the level of financial cover required.

Insurance cover should be relative to your actual wedding day spend in total for policy inclusions:

  • Wedding Event Cancellation, Postponement or Rescheduling (check all cancellation clauses)
  • Wedding Supplier Failure
  • Hired Cars or Transport
  • Wedding Attire & Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Gifts/Wishing Well
  • Accidental Damage to Hired Equipment
  • Personal Liability
  • Travel and Accommodations

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Always check and confirm every element of your day is covered by the policy of choice and that each element is listed on the policy manifest of insurance for the individual component and AUD dollar amount for cover too.

As with all insurance policies it’s important to read the product disclosure statement, that outlines the coverage and exclusions, before signing up.

By the way, Wedding Planning Services should also carry professional insurance for public and product liability plus professional indemnity. However, this will not cover your one on one agreements and or contracts with wedding suppliers, services, vendors and venues, so wedding day insurance is a necessary big day safety provision that may just save the day if the unthinkable should happen.

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Take time to consider and discuss the value to you both of wedding insurance before the wedding day planning and budget is finalised with your Wedding Planning Service, Insurance Company and or Insurance Broker.

While this Wedding Planning Service cannot recommend a specific insurance company it would be a good first step to discuss your wedding insurance requirements with your current insurance company and proceed from there to secure the cover you need on your wedding day – just in case. Your wedding planning service can also assist you with all the key and support items for inclusion in your insurance policy.

Words from the wise: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr Seuss

Cheers to happy and secure wedding planning.


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